Personal Coaching

Coaching helps you to change your life

Coaching is likely to be the most life-changing personal development you have ever undertaken.  It’s only for people who are prepared to invest energy in changing some aspect of their life – for good.

My approach is stretching, safe and hassle-free


  • I will challenge you to succeed
  • I will question you if I think you may be avoiding something
  • I will help you tackle the things you’ve never thought you could
  • I really know how things are in the world of work and the way things are moving – I ‘get’ your context


  • I will respect you and support you to achieve your goal
  • Trustworthy, reliable and confidential
  • No judging or shaming
  • No surprises on price
  • Expertise you can trust / track record
  • Positive – I will help you nurture your dreams and reality-test them

Hassle free

  • I am available flexibly in terms of time and location
  • I will provide you with a follow up note from your session for you to review and use as a basis for action.

A personal coaching session led by Jude Bainbridge Hamilton

What’s involved?

  1. An initial conversation (around 20 minutes) to understand whether coaching is suitable for you, and to understand whether we could work well together.
  2. A meeting/call to set up the coaching and agree the details: what you are wanting to achieve, how we will measure progress, frequency and location of coaching sessions, payment and mutual expectations.
  3. A set of coaching sessions (typically six) at fortnightly – four-weekly intervals and typically lasting up to two hours. Coaching sessions may include personality questionnaires or other feedback tools which are charged at cost and by prior agreement.
  4. Following each session, I will provide you with a follow up note from your session for you to review and use as a basis for action.
  5. At the end of the third and sixth sessions, we will check in on how things are going.

If you would have any further questions, please read the personal coaching FAQs or get in touch.  I also offer The Oyster Programme, a flexible coaching programme for young people entering the job market, based around qualities employers say they specifically seek in younger prospective employees.