Team Effectiveness

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your team isn’t at the top of their game?

They may be great or they may present the challenges of a normal team.  Either way, you know that there could be a stunning transformation if only you could unlock it?

Unlocking your team’s performance

I use a combination of workshops, coaching, mentoring and working alongside teams to help them identify and tackle the challenges and opportunities available to them.

  • Emotional intelligence for team effectiveness
  • The Line manager as coach
  • Handling performance issues
  • Effective team meetings and regular team processes
  • Reward and appraisals

I am licensed by JCA Global to deliver workshops and profiling to aid personal and team development.

It’s not that complicated

Effective teams are primarily about emotional intelligence and practical management skills.  A targeted approach based on the exact situation produces faster and more relevant results.

Team discussion facilitated by Jude Bainbridge Hamilton